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HPV and Cervical Cancer

Preventative treatment options


Dr van der Merwe, Associate Clinical Research Physician at FARMOVS,  explains the relationship between HPV and Cervical Cancer, other contributing factors, possible treatments and options available to women as preventative measures.



Why a 0.1% difference matters


Two FARMOVS scientists, Chris Sutherland and Jaco Wentzel is actively investigating pharmacogenomics and how it will impact the future of medicine. Find out why researchers and medical professionals should take note of the advantages of pharmacogenomics.


Prof Coetzee and Drs Haupt and Joubert

FARMOVS, the Adults Bleeding Disorder Clinic at Universitas Academic Hospital and experts from the University of the Free State (UFS), recently conducted a ground-breaking Phase 1 clinical trial to investigate the efficacy of a new application of an existing drug in patients with haemophilia A.




The Bioanalytical Services Division (BASD) at FARMOVS comprises of a group of skilled and passionate scientists involved in the quantification of drugs, metabolites and biomarkers in various biological matrices. One of our Analytical Science experts, Aurora, sets our team apart from the rest.


Anton Engelbrecht


FARMOVS is a leading Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) with a unique advantage. With the only on-site ISO accredited and GLP certified Bioanalytical Laboratory on the African continent they offer the highest quality bioanalytical services for qualitative and quantitative drug, metabolite, and biomarker analysis in a variety of matrices.