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Dedicated to phase 1 – 2a

clinical research innovation

FARMOVS offers more than 50 years in experience and unmatched flexibility to accelerate ICH GCP compliant phase 1- 2a research innovation. Gain access to our world-class clinical research facility that has a trial participant recruitment site, a GLP certified bioanalytical laboratory and on-site ISO 15189 accredited clinical laboratory. This is further complimented by 50 network-investigator sites through our Site Management Organisation Division. An integrated solution for global healthcare innovation.

Since 1974, FARMOVS has successfully managed and conducted more than 3,000 clinical trials for clients across the globe, ranging from small biotech firms to the largest pharmaceutical companies. We have an excellent regulatory inspection history and long-standing relationships with our clients.

Although most of our clients make use of our holistic clinical research solution, we can also offer standalone services that can be integrated into your existing service solution.

The Most Experienced Clinical Research Site in Africa

From bioequivalence studies in healthy volunteers to complex patient population studies across various therapeutic areas, FARMOVS covers the full spectrum of clinical development phases (Phase I to III).

50 Years in Bioanalytical Experience

FARMOVS has the only on-site ISO accredited and GLP certified bioanalytical laboratory on the African continent, where we offer a wide range of bioanalytical services. We have over 580 validated assay methods, which have been used in more than 3,000 pre-clinical and clinical trials.

Participate in Clinical Research Trails

Whether you are healthy or diagnosed with a specific disease, you can make a difference in the lives of other people by becoming a clinical research trail volunteer.  New medication and medical devices are tested by following international guidelines, before they are introduced into the market.  Together, we can help to find a cure and more affordable treatments!

Regulatory Inspections

Choose us to be your clinical research partner!

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The healthy volunteer journey

Volunteer to participate in a clinical trial

We are currently recruiting patients and healthy volunteers to participate in clinical research studies. If you are a healthy volunteer or would like assistance in finding the right study for you, please join our Volunteer Mailing List by completing the Volunteer List form. Then, we can contact you when new studies are available.

What our clients are saying

At FARMOVS, we prioritise the needs of our clients and we aim to remain attentive and flexible to ensure that our deliverables exceed their expectations.  This is what our clients have to say about us.


“Great Job! On behalf of the team, I wouldlike to thank you for the timely preparation of the submission”

US client



“The report was some extraordinary work, but nothing compared to the accomplishment related to the perfect clinical conduct and collection of high quality data”

European client



“You are one of the top Phase I teams, globally. You excelled, as always. We have immense appreciation”




“We are appreciative of FARMOVS’s support on this study. You’re the best! Just fantastic when it all comes together like that!”

US client